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Derealize is a TailwindCSS Editor play with the development running front-end project.

Traditional tailwindcss editors (e.g. edits an html component that is separate from the front-end project. After each edit, you need to manually synchronize the html component to your front-end project. The modular nesting of a front-end project may be very complicated and uncertain. Until I saw ui-devtools (thanks for the inspiration it gave). It play with the front-end project rather than html components. Unfortunately, its working model limits UI design to the hands of front-end engineers (can't avoid some professional command line knowledge). So I thought that if I could integrate the node/git environment in an electron application, people not familiar with any code knowledge could also edit the UI of real front-end projects with the help of tailwindcss and get into the CI/CD pipeline! It seems that this goal is a bit whimsical, I hope we can approach it.